4-Stroke Porting $375
KB5 Custom Cams $219+
KB5 Carb Modifications $125+
KB5 Standard Mapping $149
KB5 Pro Mapping $450
4-Stroke Splite Case $495
KB5 Trans. Coatings $299+

2-Stroke Case Match $95
Head Modifications $119
Porting $295
Split Case $395
KB5 engine modifications are built around usable and reliable power, power you can use from the first twist of the throttle to the limiter. Peak horsepower is impressive, but if it takes bouncing off the rev limiter to find it, reliability will be marginal at best. Every KB5 modified motor is built around our customers needs, riding ability, and budget. We develop and build motors for MX/SX/AX, Supermoto, Off Road, and Flat Track.

Thank you for considering KB5 Engine Mods.

KB5 4-Stroke Mods
KB5 offers custom cams, pistons and performance valve train parts. We port and flow our heads. Valve seats are cut and/or replaced. We offer three, four, and full radius cuts. Briallium seats and guides are also available. KB5 carb kits, fuel injection, ignition mapping, pipes, ignitions, transmission, and primary drive coatings are available for a complete motor package.

KB5 2-Stroke Mods
KB5 2-stroke engine modifications are available for 50cc and larger motors. We offer motor mods for MX/AX, Flat Track, and Off Road. We also offer complete supermini motors. KB5 2-stroke cylinders are cut, shaped, and textured. Exhaust parts are polished. Cylinder heads are CNC machined to match the cylinder mods. Add KB5 carb mods for maximum throttle response and performance. KB5 has a full service department. Complete motor rebuilds, crank mods, and case mods are just a small part of what we offer.

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